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A fight you can't win?

As some may know I am an active member of the online music forum Online Music World. Except about music, on this forum most of the times we talk about anything you can think of. Every once in a while though, a very interesting music-related thread comes by. This is one of them.

Topic here is the legal fight between Rob Vining, owner of RadioAid, and Clear Channel, the rediculously huge media-imperium from the USA that is even gaining ground in Europe, for instance by their take over of Mojo. Clear Channel can singlehandedly decide what the USA is listening to, thanks to them owning over 1200 radio stations across the USA. According to Rob, the small and independant artists are the victim of this near-monopoly.

To make his stance on this topic clear, two years ago he registered the domainname www.clearchannelsucks.net. In a recent ruling of the National Arbitration Forum Rob Vining was told to hand over the domainname to Clear Channel, because he is using the domain (which contains the Clear Channel trademark) for his own benefit (so says the ruling!), as it directed visitors to his "commercial" website RadioAid. Rob Vining, on the other hand, says he registered the domainname to make his stance clear against the enormous power Clear Channel holds over the American music market.

Vining isn't stopping at this ruling though. He's started a counter-attack. At the moment, he is raining funds to start a lawsuit against Clear Channel to get control over the domainname back. But also to make clear that people should not just accept the music they are hearing on the radio. There is so much and better music on the world that only a selected group of people here because the artists can't buy themselves into the world of popular music.

I have decided to support him in this. And of course, this will always need more support! So click on the banner below to help Rob in his fight.

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